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    Good warning about benzo's and subs. Not a good combination: in fact benzo's are harder to kick than the H, and the anxiety and insomnia are horrific.

    Drop day today Jay?

    Your post really is kind of humorous, but seriously: this kind of honest posting will help someone else. Hope your day is a good one!




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      Ya rose.(can i call ya that) I'm lauphing now but i did piss off my girlfriend and i am amazed i still have my job..of course guys at AA are really all reality those things are no joke...whole reason I'm inlegal trouble is i mixed H wit zanex and got in a car accident after nodding off and hit another car...lucky no one was hurt...i got a freind doin ten years in jackson prison who nodded off on just dope...the female (my other freind) died as a result of her injuries...

      so ya these are really scary drugs with very real consequences .

      ya that would be nice if i can help someone stay away from.that stuff... dunno why i thout this time would be ya i got a bunch of those devil pills locked in the safe had my girlfrind hide the key... dangerous stuff.

      anyways ya...i woke up...drank my morning cup of joe...then took the lowered dose of .66mg
      got the day off and lookin like it gonna be nice outside so gonna try to get out some...

      How bout are you doing and wats on your agenda (sry i get so wrapped up in myself i forget to ask but honestly am interested...thanks again for all your support...peace jay


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        Throw your benzos away. There will never be a time when you will need them enough to go through that experience again. You are right: benzo's are no joke. Same thing happened to someone I know, but wasn't taking other opiates, just a handful of xanax and drinking: Couldn't remember what happened the night he did this. Pretty scary stuff, eh.

        I'm off for home, been up in the north country by TC, MI.



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          Rite on...I'm a michigander too.. ya was up in traverse city? Ya i should get rid of em..actually trying to...guess i didn't want to just throw em out seems like a waste but its probably best... ya sorry too here about your freind too....anyways i tried to find two previous posters both of which said they were pretty much cold turkey...couldn't find either of em.... a bit discouragin well gonna spend the rest of day bbq wit kids then all my favorite shows on tonight

          Fox cartoons the cosmos...NASCAR. race today and tigers are playin.
          so ill check back in most likely tomorro... hope everyone is doing well and has a good day..peace Jay


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            Yup, Michigander through and through, just got home. Snowed the other day! I mean like real blizzard stuff, but only 2 inches fell. What are you talking about going c/t from? There are lots of posts of people going c/t.
            Sounds like you're having a great time with your family, what a great day for BBQ. Relax and enjoy!



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              Someone posted in my thread trying to use benzos like me and don't think they started ther own thread...was curious about them...and someone started a thread yesterday i can't find that wondering if it violated any forum rules and reely hope it wasn't anything i said... I'm simply an addict and quite selfish...part of recovery is learning to give a hoot about others ya know? Anyways i do follow others threads too other then wat i just mentioned...anyway blizzard conditions huh?
              Ya its been windy and rainy a few days where I'm at...yesterday was ok...this has been a harsh Michigan winter thru and thru no doubt...
              anyways not much to update (hope I'm not annoying everyone already!) kinda use this as my online journal too so feel free to ignore anything lengthy or self involved..
              anyway dropped yesterday...felt fine...went to bed by up at 8 am...
              holy hell a full nite sleep.rite?
              The bad
              woke up with withdrawal sneezes a lot of them... stomach cramps.damn near took an imodium...itchy crawly early withdrawal symptom with larger watery pupils....just dropping from .75 to .66

              Placebo? No i don't think so

              from dropping? Maybe... i just don't understand the people who.say that i shouldn't even feel withdrawal for a few days due to long half life... i took my dose noon yesterday..i could only go to 9:30 today...that's 20 hrs...
              anyway took sub 20 min ago so just see how it goes....just gonna stick to the plan...jay
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                Hey Jay,

                I figured >> check out your thread! For anxiety try L theanine. It helps a ton with anxiety its really good for making you feel calmer. You can get it at GNC. Good for you being at .5!!!! You should start feeling better soon at that dose. For energy and it also helps with blood pressure (your blood pressure rises during withdrawal) try some taurine also. I know most people hear Taurine and they think red bull, but taking just the 500 mgs a day helps me a helps to calm and focus you. It works for me. I also started on some b12 when I was right at .5 mgs. I ate gummy vitamins...they're easy to get down. You don't feel the vitamins at first but they build up in your system and start helping a lot. I haven't been fatigued for a while since I started the Taurine,B12 and Ltheanine. My only symptom is some joint pain. Also Hylands "leg cramps" or "restful legs" is all herbal. Vitamins do work! They take the edge off for sure. If you have a choice to feel >>>>>>, or super >>>>>>. >> choose >>>>>> all day haha....Good for you for sticking through! Some drops took me longer to stabilize then others. Don't rush it. Just don't go back up in dose and your still making progress. Careful with the benzo's too. They're actually contraindicated with suboxone. Meaning you shouldn't take them together. You really shouldn't need it anyway...I honestly never long as you do it slow and steady. I did the SAME thing you did and rushed it and dropped too fast. I would checkout this youtube video about cutting suboxone strips too it helps measuring your dose so you know exactly where you are. My last dose was Saturday and I feel Ok!!! So take it slow and easy you will get there! I'm sure we can all confess to upping our dose at least once or twice in the weaning process. Try that video on you tube though! It helped me a lot. That way you will know exactly what dose your on and be able to gauge from that. You will notice everyday will get easier and easier. Days 3-4 were the worse for me personally, so what worked for me is basing my drops on that. So if I knew I had a physically crazy busy week then I would know NOT to start my drop 2 days before. I would make it where day 3 and 4 after the drop was on the weekend cause I felt a little more tired. Ibuprofen and Tylenol helps with aches also. Literally the only thing I noticed is I had achy joints. Also it might help you to stay away from any other meds, so you know exactly what your feeling. If that makes sense. You don't wanna drop too soon or feel the need to go up because of the side effects of something else. I weaned off the 8 mg strips also, def check out that youtube video just search cutting suboxone strips it was a man with a chart, its hard to explain it you have to see how to cut it and measure. Don't worry you will get there!
                Correction- .75mg (check out that video to see what dose your on lol...then let us know for sure


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                  Sorry I don't know how to work these threads lol still learning. Disregard the above message. I didn't see your post had 2 pages lol. Anyways Keep on keeping on at .66! And post away please...have you seen my thread? LOL. Thats what this forum is for. It does help talking to people who know how you feel. The low doses are a little harder then dropping from higher doses but not too bad. You got this far right? You got this! Think of your worst possible pain you have ever felt in your life. Then think about how you feel right now. Not too shabby compared to that I bet. I'm sure you've been through worse. Your close to the finish line just keep pushing through! It gets easier each day. It helps (though god knows its hard) to keep positive. Your alive! Its raining but the rain makes the grass grow! LOL....(wanna shoot me yet Keep your head up you'll make it! Try some b12 energy gummies, some tylenol, lots of hot baths when you can helps with the chills. Listen to some music, Turn the heat up and bundle up and watch a movie keep yourself occupied it helps. What can you do with your time that you enjoy? Fill your time and before you know it you won't be thinking about being uncomfortable. If you wake up around the same time each day dose when you wake up. On weekends I sleep in so if I dosed at 11 no big deal. You'll still stabilize if you had to take that dose at 9:30 and yesterday you took it at 11 etc don't worry. You just need to watch the clock more towards the end of your taper I believe. My last dose was Saturday at 9:00 am!!! You can do it!! You want some inspirational quotes and poems I got a million of them LOL. LET ME know, I'll do it! I'll post em! Lol. Hang in there!
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                    Just to chime in on the "benzos". As Rose said, they are the DEVIL. Jay- I do hope you get rid of them. Benzos almost destroyed my marriage. All the things you said you did, was my living nightmare. Having my husband taking them and drinking turned my world upside down way more than opiates ever did. The acting crazy, not remembering things....I thank The Lord he is finally off those things. I came real close to leaving. Please don't take them. For your sake and your girlfriends too LOL.

                    Also, I do enjoy your posts. I love your honesty. Good luck to you!!


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                      Jay: Make sure you are taking the .66mg. You may have a few rough days but should stabilize soon. The drop wasn't that steep, just make sure you have the correct dose. I am surprised by the w/d that soon, as you have sub built up in your body. Good on you for sticking to the plan.

                      I agree with auburn girl, I enjoy your posts and your honesty. Besides, this is your thread and your journal. Back to work day today. Busy as all get out. Let us know how it goes! Thank God no blizzards today!
                      And, yup, you can call me rose. Forgot to post that.



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                        jay maybe you just hit a little road bump is all. Happens all the time when people are tapering and there fine later that day or the next day. Or maybe with yesterdays dose you did not get it placed under your tongue right and did not get the full dose. Your doing well with your taper so far and keep on track and you will be at the finish line before you know it. best wishes and will talk to you later.



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                          Thanks for all the replies everyone... i gotta leave for work in a few min so just a quick update..

                          Today makes day three at .66 lastnight was restless legs and some night sweats....yesterday depresion no energy..... maybe just a roadbump i dunno... i came to this forum cause of these symptoms intitially....obviously they suk enouf to make me consider benzos altho after my experiment realize they weren't for me

                          Like jerry garciaused to say ya gotta keep on truckin


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                            Ya i have a hard time editing.... stupid smart fone.... just wanted to add...peace jay...that's all lol...thanks again ill come back when i got more time ..hope u all are doin well peace jay


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                              So got out of work early... its sunny outside so sittin in my back yard...have more time now to read wat yall wrote...
                              i appreciate the encouragment....

                              going to an NA meeting tonight with my (Sorta) sponser...haven't officially signed him up that's a story in itself... like i said don't reely feel like goin tho...but they often say that's when you need to go the most besides yall are a great source of support even more won't hurt....
                              anyway ya been at .66 this makes third suked at first but after some coffee not too bad....feel almost good most the day just moments of craving ________________ ? <----- INSERT drug or alchohol here.....

                              its so nice sitting in the sun in the back stupid addiction tells me it would be nicer wit a beer lol...

                              anyways possible drug test thursday and etg 80alchohol. Est anyday now as they are random..... its enouf incentive not to use anything .....

                              well imma out of stuff to write...just gonna stick to the plan and count on yall next week when i go to .5 next sunday...and lower doses after that...thanks again for everyonnes advice and encouragment....
                              as far as benzos go... i am finding it difficult to find a freind i know will be responsable with them....
                              don't want to hand them to the neighborhood i asked myself why not just flush them?

                              answer: i asked myself and i guess deep down I'm expecting that them being under lock and key and having a responsable adult to give me a limited amount and make sure i don't eat them like candy like i did...perhaps when i jump or get out of jail or whatever i decide they will benifit they will be there....

                              i know i cannot be responsable with them i can't trust myself they lower by inhibition to where i just keep eating them... its a demon lurking in the corner... my final decision is on the back burner but have taken precautions and safety measures to ensure no more blacking out/overdosing.... (i know just flush em)

                              Well imma go read thru some of yalls threads peace Jay


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                                Jay: you been through the benzo w/d? Sounds like you've done some, but if you haven't been through benzo w/d you don't even think you want to go there. Xanax hit me like a brick. Thought it would be o.k. because I had had it in the past and really didn't effect me. So, like the idiot I can be at times went: man it'd be great not to have this anxiety. I'm lucky I'm not in jail from xanax xr, that's extended relief, kept taking them one after the other one night because I wasn't feeling any better and then BAM. Was driving home, had a fender bender, lied like a mother and got off with a ticket, and had my license pulled, car was drivable, but had to be driven home by the tow truck. Later, that night, my bf at the time had to call an ambulance because I decided in my not so rational mind that I needed a glass of wine while taking a bath: I guess I turned blue and every other color, guess it's a good thing I'm alive. He had no idea. If I would have been busted by the police, I would never work in my profession again, man, I got some kind of lucky. So quit them then and started to "responsibly" take them a couple years later: Different doctor said xanax isn't addicting and I listen to him like the fool that I was. This time regular 1mg. 3X a day and then one day, after a year, I ran out.: Didn't think anything would happen: couldn't sleep, anxiety like a mother, paranoid!!! OMG. I lost 10 pounds in three days. I had no idea what was wrong with me. Made going through opiate w/d a cake walk. Didn't know you could have seizures and luckily I didn't. FLUSH THEM DUDE. There is not a reason in the world why you would ever, ever, ever, need a benzo. There is Yogi brand Kava-tea, valerian root, serene L-theanine, meditation, taking a time out, all kinds of things. So, yeah, I know it's hard to flush "perfectly good drugs", but.... There may be a time when gf isn't there, a time when you go looking for the key, and on and on.
                                There is one more story about someone very close to me who was really, really, depressed and a person they knew who got 210 bars a month, and handed them out along with k-pins. So this person started dabbling, they didn't make this person calm: they made this person angry and worsened the depression, be aware that this person was just dabbling, but had underlying issues of depression. On May 31st 2013, this person lost personhood decided suicide was the best option.
                                And that is why I urge you to dump them. Don't mean to be debbie downer here. Just care about you and your future since you can't be trusted with them. I have never shared this here before.

                                Anyhow, I hope your meeting is good. I think anything is good when you can go out in 60 degree weather and just be alive.

                                Peace, Rose.
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