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Weaning off Suboxone, So far so good!

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    (She) buts its ok!

    Good Morning everyone!

    Just wanted to give an update on my day 5 of my wean from .25 mg to .125. Well day 4 was honestly a little rougher then day 1-3 of my drop. I don't believe day 4 should've been as rough as it was for me, don't get me wrong it wasn't even THAT bad at all lol...just some annoying joint pain especially in my knees and ankles and a little anxiety last night. I suspect I did not give myself enough time at .25 mg and I dropped way too fast from 1 mg to .5 to .25 trying to rush it, so the moral is though your excited to do this, don't rush it! Anyways the past is the past I refuse to go back now. I feel like I'm stabilizing soon on this dose. Last night I ended up taking another .125 mg dose at night because I couldn't .25 total for yesterday (correct me if I'm wrong, math is not my forte'). My achy knees and ankles while I was trying to sleep and some anxiety creeped up...and 1+1= no go. No need to suffer through this, I want this bad, but as I've read here many of times "better to do it once and do it right". So after debating with myself if I REALLY REALLY Reallllly wanted to take the other .125 dose...I realized I really didn't want to take it . But I gave myself permission, as fast as I want to get this over with..I chose to not suffer and to take the one extra dose to get me over the hump of day 4, to me .25 mg for yesterday was not a loss I've gone 4 days at .125 and I should be fine with the .125 dose today, and I was right I feel fine!

    Heavy Conscious, I definitely can relate the past 3 weeks have been far more harder emotionally than physically. I really can't admit to all my friends that I wasn't just "not feeling well" only my husband understands. Friends have been saying I've fallen off the face of the earth this week lol. I just don't want to face people who can't relate when I'm not feeling 100% then I put more effort into pretending I'm fine then actually enjoying being there, it becomes a chore. I don't have the energy to put on a show, Not right now. I've talked to them on the phone though a lot which helps laughing and joking and I have my husband and kids here. Just one more achievement I guess when I get the urge to want to hang out! lol....Waiting for that moment!

    Also I'm going to school for nursing, I know a little about a whats going on with your sinuses/ear/tooth. Ear and tooth pain are really similar. Do you have any fever? Does it ONLY hurt when you lay down or do you feel the same pain level throughout the day? Not everyone gets fever with ear infections but one big sign with an ear infection >> a tooth that with an ear infection the pain is much worse laying down and (if you will have a fever with it) your fever will spike then. Theres also good chance your sinuses could be acting up from allergies too. Or could be as simple as clenching your teeth in your sleep without knowing, that causes that top jaw/ear pain (stress does that, and this has been a stressful time) If you tell me more I could probably help you pin point it. BUT mostly all of the above are treated with antibiotics, or allergy meds maybe try some benedryl and see if that helps? If not I'd see the dr.

    I have seen plenty of you tube videos and read success stories of people coming off....subutex, suboxone, name it. All successfully. Just wean wean wean don't rush it listen to your body, and keep your eye on the prize. Now, it Does help to know what your in for by reading forums, but make sure your reading stories of people who weaned right..I've noticed people who drop off at too high of a dose like to get on forums when they're pissed at the world and kill any hope for the rest of them. Its very do able weaning. Slow and steady wins the race. You don't feel like doing cartwheels...your adjusting to "feeling" anything in general..but you are able to do the basics and get through your day without hating life and even laugh some along the way. Being positive helps. If you wake up feeling like >>>>, just know tomorrow you'll feel better. Thats what I keep telling myself. Tomorrow will be easier! No one ever benefits from feeling sorry for themselves and being a victim. I'm no victim....I got myself into this myself so I'll get myself out, simple as that. Did I always feel that way? No. I made a lot of excuses for why poor me needed another pill. Fear from withdrawals was a huge one, but who wouldn't be afraid? Today I realize I could find a million excuses too but I want this. I'm on day 5 at .125 mg suboxone I dropped WAY too quick from 1mg to .5 to .25 within a week 1/2. Don't recommend it so with this last part I am taking my time, I've proven to myself I CAN do now I'm gonna take my time and do it right. The best thing for me I realize NOW has been to feel it out and wait until you feel better between dropping doses. i SHOULD have waited a few more days between each dose, but I guess if I always did everything I SHOULD I wouldn't be in this predicament! I highly recommend preparing yourself ahead of time while your feeling good...start taking vitamins. Buy lots of gatorade. NO need to take off work and sit at home all day, sitting around makes you focus more on how you feel. For those who have jobs working would probably make your day go faster in my opinion. So far I have been able to take care of my kids, clean up, cook dinner, do school work, etc. Not to the best of my ability lol...but I get the jobs done. I just have no motivation to do anything other then what I HAVE to do day to day. That will pass though and I'm looking forward to that milestone!


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      Some things that have helped me and I started these BEFORE my weaning, Vitamins take time to get into your system!! Prob 2 weeks before would be good: (ALL natural)
      Gummy vitamins! So much more pleasant to take when your appetite is gone, reg vitamins make me nauseous going down esp when I'm not feeling to hot.
      Gummy Multivitamin-enough said.
      B12 gummy vitamins-Help with energy
      Gummy Vitamin C-Immune system support (because your immune system needs a boost right now)
      L theanine-(not gummy but capsule with no flavor) This vitamin has a calming agent, helps with nervousness/anxiety, it helps a lot.
      Immodium- For that Rumbly in Your Tumbly (quoting winnie the pooh also helps lol) (*OH and Idk about anyone else....but higher doses DON'T stop w/d, I felt the same from 2 mg then I did with 16mg. Just had to work harder to do the deed. I don't** recommend this.)
      Prenatal Gummy Vitamins- (Men too!) Why? Because they are jam packed with vitamins. There are SO many good vitamins in these it is the SUPER multivitamin. No no you will not turn into a she man or anything. Though you might get a new flair for fashion . Jk jk lol...
      Energy Chews I found at GNC are really good but forgot the brand sorry. They were by the counter, they taste like candy and work!
      My go to through this---this vitamin by "Hyland" called Leg Cramps (they also have something called restless legs!! I haven't tried that one though) So far no restless legs at night and it takes away 85% of my leg aches and 0 restless legs so far. You can take it ever 4-6 hours. Its herbal. It helps a lot. I can't deal with losing sleep and the restless legs. I really believe this is why I don't have it, because I dropped really low really soon.
      Drinking a lot of gatorade and water trying to flush my system...and eating. I think a lot of people forget (in the dinosaur days before we ever took anything) just how >>>>ty you feel when you don't eat! Food=energy. So if you feel like death and are exhausted during withdrawal eat and drink water or gatorade. Eat Crackers, toast, noodles whatever your stomach can handle. Also staying hydrated. Dehydration sucks the life from you too. So just eating regularly (which hasn't been a problem my appetite is pretty good most of the time) and drinking a lot has helped too. I have to say I feel good today!! 4th day of this drop was the toughest but does not compare to cold turkey!! By far whew...chills just thinking about that!

      This forum has been a life saver. It has been the biggest help for me, having people who relate and don't judge. I think just writing things publicly helps you to be honest with yourself, that there is a problem and you do need help. It helps you be positive, and not beat yourself up over things but at the same time it helps to realize this is SERIOus business. No that 100 mg was not JUST 100 mg "no big deal" was 100 freakin MG Of something that could very well kill you one day! So it helps make you realize.....get real!!! No more justifying things to yourself! I have watched my poor mother struggle for years with not only her health but addiction on top of it. Watched her drop to 90 lbs to where she could barely hold her head up she was on so many meds, until I alone pregnant afraid she was going to never wake up one day, drove her to a rehab center. For some people if you don't WAKE UP now and realize what your doing to yourself, you might just go to sleep one night and NEVER WAKE UP. All those people you love that are pissed off at you all the time for doing this to yourself are mad for a reason! They're not just a buzzkill, they aren't just judgemental assholes! They're scared for you, because they love you! I don't know how many nights I spent crying over my mother and praying to god she'd call the next day and be ok. I'd call her every morning to be sure she woke up from the night before and didn't die in her sleep. I would panic if she didn't call me back for a few days. Its a nightmare being a bystander to that lifestyle watching your loved ones go through that. I was SO angry at her, I would just >>>>> and yell and be disgusted with her. BUT deep down inside I was scared >>>>less and fear=anger 10 fold. So if any of you out there addicted are reading this right now, and your isolating yourself from all the naggers and "negative" people who don't want you to use. THEY LOVE YOU! THEY CRY FOR YOU, and You are bringing them down with you. Your not just hurting yourself, your abandoning people who need you, your hurting people who love you. You are a nuclear bomb, your not only exploding but your disease is radiating out killing the people who love you. Do it for them.....if not just for yourself. You can do this. Deep down inside...TRUST ME I KNOW that feeling. I know better and I am angry with myself for falling into the trap myself...I don't want to put my kids through that! I refuse!!! I don't want to be that Mom. They need me. I have a friend whose mother died from overdose. It could happen to any of us..... Just had to get that out....don't be dillusional people. Don't hide from reality anymore and stand up and be who your loved ones need you to be because they need you more then you could imagine right now. When you come out of the fog you will see that, all it takes is one step forward and you are stronger then you know.

      This site helps you to really come to terms with reality I guess, and stop making excuses. I really believe if you want something bad enough you will make it happen. I'm doing it and you can too....we all can. If your wean takes longer for you to be successful, so be it! IT IS WORTH IT, and you will be better for it. It might not happen next week but it WILL happen and thats the important thing. Just knowing this is motivating others is motivation in itself! Now I gotta make this happen! MAN :::NO pressurrrrrrrrre:: haha... Thanks though for chiming it. It truly does help! Your helping me as much as I'm helping you, and don't worry you'll get there. You can make those wishes happen.

      Anyways!!!! For the record so far day 5 I feel 90% normal!!!!!! Almost GREAT!!!! ("almost" because I don't want to jynx myself bragging and get kicked in the ass later) I don't want to skip a day during the weekend because my husband and kids are home, plus I have an exam in the morning. I figured if I do this on my time, I will be more likely to stick with it and that will give me two more days to stabilize on this dose. So 1st skip day is scheduled for Monday! So far feeling really positive and so excited I'm actually pulling this off! God I want this for my myself and especially for my kids!!! Those of you reading, trying to check and see if you'll die coming off suboxone YOU WON'T it is NOT bad I promise! Don't let the fear of the unknown hold you back, this it NOT the W/D's your familiar with! You never know until you try (by weaning the right way!) Roberts taper plan tried and true method-it works! I'm doing and I have been smiling/laughing/crying/excited/you name the emotion... along the way it is emotional. It doesn't matter because its the real me talking! Make a profile, get on here and lets do this! Let people help won't regret it, I know I don't. Michael let us know your plan putting it in writing it helps....even if its preparing to start next week or the next, even if you plan on buying some gatorade tomorrow lol... and plan to only dropping by 15% per dose instead of 25% and let people HELP you make a plan even. There are good caring people in this world. If you need help coming up with a plan just ask. Think of it this way, your story will help someone else out there feeling hopeless, and "stuck" on methadone see it CAN happen, and you could change someone elses life. I'm happy to meet you and so so happy my story is helping. Readers I am weaning off suboxone and having minor minor withdrawals, and I'm HAPPY today! Who would've thought! Goes against everything the nightmares you have read tell you shouldn't be happening. I should be laying in my bed right now dying in pain right? Actually right about now I'm gonna go put on some music deep clean my house and enjoy the weekend with my family cause I'm feeling awesome and I'm taking advantage of it!


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        Almost forgot***** For my list of must have vitamins- Potassium!!! I've been taking 500 mg for over a week now and thats supposed to also help tremendously with RLS. Had to post that incase anyone needs to know. Have a good weekend!


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          Last post for that day...some amazing quotes that made me smile

          "Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you respond to it."

          "He (or she!!) that has begun, Has half done. Dare to be wise; BEGIN"

          " Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired, and success achieved. - Helen Keller"

          "Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never–in nothing, great or small, large or petty–never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense. - Winston Churchill"

          "Life is a series of problems. Do we want to moan about them or solve them? - M. Scott Peck"

          "The darker the night, the nearer the Dawn"

 really have a good weekend!


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            glad you are feeling well and i am very thankful for your kind words


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              weaning update

              Hey everyone,
              Just wanted to update again today. Today I planned on trying to skip a day but I chickened out....I'm a little dissapointed in myself but the pain in my joints is a little much today. I don't think I'm physically ready quite yet. I'm hoping part of it is re-learning my limits. I got accustomed for a long being "indestructible" and to be able to go go go morning to night and once I started feeling a little better then last week, I think I just over did it the past few days. I was running around all day since 7:30 this morning and by 5:00 I felt like an elderly old lady who could hardly walk with achy joints, and just wanted a nap. I'm not mentally nor physically ready for a skip day, not today anyway. I'm no where near as weak as the first couple days of my drop but I think I pushed my limits physically a little too far too soon. SO tempted to take ONE MORE peice for my hip/knee/ankle pain, but I took an aleve instead, so tempting though....I won't lie. I think I really need to plan this out for a day I can spare taking it easy most of the day. The joint pain that I thought was gone finally crept back up on me when I physically did too much I believe. It really sucks though. I thought I was past that. That is really the only thing holding me back is this joint pain...I'm fine sitting down but being a mother of 3 I can't just sit around all day. Does anyone know when I can expect this joint pain to be over with?? It's a pain in the ass.

              My motivation for this week: This song John Doe I heard lately...

              " Everybody's addicted to something
              Everybody's got to grip onto something
              Even if it's just to feel the response of appeal
              Maybe once, maybe twice
              Maybe hundreds of times, hundreds of times
              Without it, it's just hard to function at times
              You race to the bottom of every single bottle
              As if there was someone or something to find
              You're struggling in your mind
              And you tell yourself lie after lie"
              "John Doe........
              I just want the John I know"


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                I can imagine that skipping days and then taking the plunge (aka jump) is a bit overwhelming. Are you stable at .125 mg? If so, your jump will likely be smooth, with the exception of some mild symptoms. The goal is not to get complacent. If your body is physically ready, then take your first skip day. I bet you'll find it's easier than you think. I've heard many people say that once they start skipping days they feel empowered because they realize they "can do it".

                Go for it!


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                  Originally posted by Iwantoff2013 View Post
                  I can imagine that skipping days and then taking the plunge (aka jump) is a bit overwhelming. Are you stable at .125 mg? If so, your jump will likely be smooth, with the exception of some mild symptoms. The goal is not to get complacent. If your body is physically ready, then take your first skip day. I bet you'll find it's easier than you think. I've heard many people say that once they start skipping days they feel empowered because they realize they "can do it".

                  Go for it!
                  You are my hero for the I'm sitting here literally like god someone please respond ugh. This joint pain I feel today is as bad as day 3. I went all weekend feeling great...yesterday not bad so I went running around all day long today with my super energetic sister in law and I'm achy all over its bad. I'm hoping today will be better and I'll consider the jump! Today I was afraid because I didn't know if I physically overdid it or I'm just not stable yet :/? Idk. This joint pain is def familiar though ugh. Worst part of all of this. Tomorrow I'm gonna take it easy and physically not do too much if I feel better by Thursday I might go for it. About this joint pain though....honestly how long does it take to go away once you quit


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                    As far as joint pain, it's so hard to say how long that will last. Everyone differs there. So OTC remedies aren't helping? What about Epsom salt baths?


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                      Originally posted by Iwantoff2013 View Post
                      As far as joint pain, it's so hard to say how long that will last. Everyone differs there. So OTC remedies aren't helping? What about Epsom salt baths?
                      I took about 3 epson baths today lol...I used up a whole pack of epson salt, aleve, tylenol, Hylands leg cramps, heat wraps you name it. My feet were also pretty swollen as were my fingers...I think my blood pressure is up. I don't think I've stabilized quite yet. I did up the dose once a few days ago I wrote about it...not sure exactly what day I think my 3rd or 4th day of my drop, I took that one extra .125 mg..., it kinda feels like I started all over again with the drop. This technically being day 3 since I did that, my joints feel just like they did the true 3rd day I went to .125. So I think I started from square one again. I was reading into it and I saw a few people say if you go back up a little in your dose you start the count over again. So today would be "day 3" since I took one tiny extra peice 3 nights ago to sleep. It feels like it for sure. Won't do that again....if so that means tomorrow will be day 4 since that and I should stabilize soon anyway. If all this makes sense


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                        Yes, you will stabilize soon. It's totally understandable to be nervous about skipping days, especially when you're having physical symptoms like joint pain. It sounds like you've tried most of the remedies, but maybe someone else will chime in with a suggestion.

                        You can do this! You're so close now -- take comfort in that. I wish I were that close. I'm still at 1 mg. Had it not been for my back surgery and a short-lived relapse, I would have been done with my taper a couple months ago. Very frustrating.

                        Anyway, do what you can to find relief and hopefully the joint pain will pass soon. Stay strong!


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                          getting you are very close now to the skipping days and at such a low dose now that an awful lot of this now becomes mental. I posted this to you earlier and just thought I would post it again. When you get to your first skip day if you start getting uncomfortable before the 48 hr mark just hold on and if you don't make it to 48 hrs it will be no big deal. if for instance you would get to 36 hrs and feel you need to just dose and then try to go more then 36 hrs befor you dose again. As long as you are dosing further apart time wise between doses you are making progress and getting closer to jumping. You are almost to the finish line now and my best wishes to you.



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                            Hi GettinItOverWith,
                            I'm reading your posts with a vengeance. I'm a mom too.. Just started my first dose of Subs yesterday. I could use a friend like you. Stay strong!!


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                              Originally posted by AmberMac View Post
                              Hi GettinItOverWith,
                              I'm reading your posts with a vengeance. I'm a mom too.. Just started my first dose of Subs yesterday. I could use a friend like you. Stay strong!!
                              Good morning everyone!

                              Guess what?!?!? Yesterday was my first official skip day!!! Ahhh!!!!! (and the crowd goes wild!! lol) So far today I havent taken anything and Im feeling kind of blah but Im trying to push myself to my breaking point for the day. Feeling like Rocky getting ready for the big fight lol. (ok maybe feeling like 60 year old retired Rocky with a bad ankle and hip....lmao) Im hanging in there though. I finally stabilized at the dose I was on and kept out the house and busy all week to keep mind off things. By stabilized I mean my ankles stopped feeling like they were gonna snap off at the joint all the time to just some of the time. So yesterday morning I decided >> stop being a wuss and just get it over pain no gain right. I am 28 years old and my hip hurts like hell, my ankle hurts like hell....all from these meds! Any little pain feels much worse. Im guessing thats due to my brain not yet putting off enough endorphins etc etc. It will get there! Alex....any goal for me for when this joint pain will vanish? Literally thats my only symptom luckily I guess. Yesterday I was able to clean and go hang out with the do a little cleaning so trust me when I say Im just a wuss and this truly is a peice of cake withdrawal process so far. Hi Amber and good for you girl! Do it for the kids. They didnt ask to be in this world so the least we can do is put our best foot forward and give it our all for them. They need and deserve strong sober parents to teach them the healthy way to cope with life. "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" right? Makes more sense now more then ever . It isn't exactly easy but nothing easy is ever worth it.
                              Thank you guys for the encouragement and motivation.....Doing this for you guys. If I can do it with 3 can you!


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                                To Kat,
                                I have been trying to do this for months, I relapsed a few times myself. Its not how many times you get knocked down its how many times we get back up that matters. I have no chronic pain issues but the withdrawing process makes everything feel much worse so I could only imagine dealing with chronic pain on top of this. You will get there at your own pace doing what works with your own life. If when you go down in your dose you have to lay around for 3 days til you feel better you WILL feel better sooner or later. Or if you have to go down half that dose and then go back up one day then go back down a day. My life can be pretty hectic so I literally had to schedule when to feel like >>>> (which the hard part is planning it and going through with it.) I stayed busy yesterday because I know even though my body wants to rest....if I lay around Im just torturing myself all day thinking how >>>>>> I felt. Staying out the house getting some fresh air and being away from taking the easy way out (taking one more dose) I HAD to push through. That seems to be the trick. Force yourself to go anywhere. To a library and read a new book. Go watch a movie, Go sit and eat lunch with a friend. Get out and get busy. The mornings sucked the worse. Dragging myself to shower and get out the house but once the sunshine hits your face and you turn the radio up you feel so much better. I went tanning and spent all day outside enjoying the day. Pamper yourself make yourself feel better in other ways. When I was too busy laughing with friends or playing with my kids the last thing I was thinking about was my ankle hurting. Mind over matter. If you sit there focused on feeling like >>>> your gonna feel like >>>>. So try scheduling a busy week. Then drop your dose then? Laying around all day compared to being out for myself laying around was like torture. Or rent some good funny movies. This l theanine, tylenol and ibuprofen, and b12 and taurine (taurine lowers high blood pressure naturally) it has helped a lot. Anyways you know yourself. Do what works for you. How did you get to 1 mg? What did you do to get yourself down that low? How much were you on before?