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suboxone detox???

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  • suboxone detox???

    Hi have been reading your posts and answers thank you I am addict with relapse and recovery.Been on suboxone almost 3 months 20mgs. Have appeared self to 12,mg in last week or so. Very paranoid and anxiety. Having hysterectomy on May 15, scared to come off suboxone but do not want pain from that and withdrawal help Please

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    I'm going to post a link to the taper plan that most of us have used. Read through it, it gives you a very reliable guide on how to taper off suboxone.

    Did you mean to say you're on 12mg a day? If so, you will need to taper down before you stop taking Suboxone. That's a very high dose.

    If you follow the plan I posted, any withdrawal symptoms you feel should be completely tolerable/manageable. I never missed work during my entire taper and when I jumped off.

    Good luck! Keep posting and let us know how you're doing.


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      Serious: You are going to be fine. Read the taper that Sharks posted. The whole point of using sub to detox is to give you time to get your head together, not to stay on long term at high doses. Read Alexnt's thread: he did this over 4 months, you can do this too.




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        I am new here as well and I am also just starting the process of tapering my dosage in preperation to jump. Everyone I have talked to here has had very good advise and is very encouraging, while at the same time not sugarcoating anything. You have come to a good place, best of luck to you in your journey!