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Had to quit Suboxone without tapering

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  • Had to quit Suboxone without tapering

    I'm fairly new hear and need support with my Suboxone withdrawal. I was seeing a pain management doc that had me on Vicodin for a long time. I have been on Vicodin for surgery for short term and even took Oxycontin before back surgery a few years ago and got off as soon as pain subsided with no problems. It wasn't until I took Vicodin for years that I developed cravings that I couldn't control. I told doc so he put me on Suboxone and went through 3 weeks of hell with Vicodin withdrawal. Now after I year I was ready to quit Suboxone. Do told me to take 2 mg for 1 month then I could just quit. I never could get to 2 mg from 4 mg without shakes. I tapered quickly then ran out and now have been in withdrawal for over 1 week. I told my job my back was out. I run/walk when the shakes get too bad to get endorphins in my system. I have read how to taper off and realize doc had no idea how to get off this stuff. I'm worried about work since they want me to go on FMLA but can't since back thing is a lie.
    I just need talk and get support for this. I can't sleep yet. So don't know when I can return to work. Wondering how I'll survive without job.

    Has anyone else had to lie through their teeth and still keep their job?
    Blessings all.

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    Hi, and welcome.

    I'm sorry to hear that you're going through sub WD. 2 mg is too high of a dose to jump from, especially after being on sub for a year. Sub WD lasts longer than WD from short-acting opiates like Vicodin because sub has a very long half-life. What are your worst symptoms?

    If it were me, I'd probably get more sub and do a proper taper. But, that's your call. Since you've been off sub for a week you may just want to ride it out. If not, you should consider getting more. There's a really great taper plan here that most of us use to get off sub.

    It's difficult to say how long the WD will last. Why did you run out of sub? Did your doctor cut you off?

    We're here to help in any way we can. I hope you're able to get some sleep tonight. Have you tried melatonin for sleep?



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      Thanks Kat for your support. ! It's a long story but I didn't go back. I'm wondering if anyone else has trouble with doc not putting all numbers on prescription. Then when the pharmacist calls Dr. they never returned call and I was close to running out after a week of not responding. I felt hopeless and ignored. Out of sheer frustration, I filed a complaint with the medical board. After a while I never heard anything and forgot about it.
      At first he wouldn't see me again then his office called and left a message that I could come in after all. I never returned the call.

      I went to my GP who was very knowledgable. She told me what to expect and about how long this would last. Dr. said I should start feeling better in a few days and my vitals were good. I have a note for being off another week. I feel a lot better emotionally and reassured. Unfortunately, I have a job I like but hate boss and recently got demoted so have that to deal with when I go back but that's for another forum.

      I pray for everyone that has gotten bad information on how to detox and hope they all eventually find this site.
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        Wow. Drs really are morons. I have heard of people having a hard time jumping from .25 mg of sub. For me personally I have tapered down to .125 of sub then skipped days and then jumped and I felt great. Sub withdrawl can be brutal. I knew nothing about sub when in in hear last year. The people here are great and will help ya out. I now (unfortunately lol) have a lot of experience with sub taper so let me know if you need anything. I honestly would start back on the sub (maybe try .50 and see how you feel and go from there). Good luck.



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          Thanks Hope 731. I'm going to bite the bullet and stick it out. I take Benadryl and muscle relaxant at night to sleep and still woke up at 3 am and watched movies after taking more Benadryl with mr. Didn't feel so exhausted this morning but feel like I have the flu. Overall aches and sweating. So on Aleve, Tramadol and hanging out on couch watching TV. It's been pouring down rain for a few days so hopefully, I can do some exercises later if I can't take a walk and get a good sweat going.

          Blessings and thanks so much for your support.


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            Hey Member21. Yep, most sub dr.'s don't know what they are doing and are only in it for the money. They let my husband go for many many YEARS and never once mentioned him tapering off. I'm sure we could have a brand new paid for car with the money we spent on this >>>>. When we were ready to quit, they told him to do it some weird way, which we tried doing. It sucked, so I just looked around online and found this amazing site. Did the taper plan and had a super "soft landing". I had no MAJOR problems. It's the paws I think that hurt me the most.

            I feel ya on the job thing. I lived in fear that I would get a random drug test and be fired for being on this stuff. That and I didn't want anyone to know the ugly truth that I'm an addict. I sincerely hope you don't lose your job.

            The no sleeping sucks, for sure. Have you tried anything besides benedryl? That never worked for me during wd. Try melatonin, drinking sleepytime tea before bed, Valarian Root capsules (in the vitamin section), I was lucky enough to get my hands on Trazadone. It is a prescription that can be used for insomnia. It was a god send for me. I hope you are feeling better.


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              I was still feeling pretty bad in mornings like a had a bad case of the flu. Skin felt hot to the touch but no fever. I had some melatonin so thought it would be healthier to take 5 mg last night than a muscle relaxant and Benadryl. That was a BIG mistake. It had the oppose effect and it kept me very awake so didn't sleep well. I wasn't getting anxiety but now have it bad today. I even went for a walk which didn't help much then took another mr to relax. That only lasts for an hour or so. Has anyone ever had anxiety occur after not having it? Maybe I'm feeling the isolation for being home for a week.


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                I'm having trouble detoxing. I've gone from almost getting better to feeling like the flu and have anxiety. I have to run a few times a day the get rid of the shakes but still very twitchy even after a good sweat. I'm exhausted and scared.this is supposed to be getting better after day 12. it day 14 or so.


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                  I'm really sorry you've having a hard time. Sub WD symptoms take a while to subside completely. Don't lose hope, though. You're already 2 weeks off. That's awesome! Take comfort in the fact that your body/mind is healing ans resetting itself. I would imagine that by week 3 you'll feel much better than you do now. Keep treating the symptoms with any safe, OTC meds. What muscle relaxer are you taking?

                  Hang in there. You're so close now.


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                    ...I forgot to mention above...

                    Try Theanine Serene or GABA for the anxiety. I'm surprised that melatonin kept you up. I've heard a lot of people talk about something called IChill -- i believe it's for sleep. Take a nice, hot bath or shower right before bed. I've always had trouble sleeping and sometimes a hot, relaxing bath does the trick.



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                      thanks Kat.
                      This has turned into pure hell. I am so disappointed, anxiety, scared, twitchy. It was acting like it was dissipating, then came back with a vengeance after I took all that melatonin. I'm going to ask a friend to help get me to the store.
                      I took a tranquilizer dr had given me and Tizanidine muscle relaxant to sleep after a walk/run. then woke up 2 hours later totally wired at 2 am and had to walk the floors to calm down. I still feel hot and burning inside.
                      I just want to take more tranquilizer and wake up well. How long does the absolute worst of this last. I was supposed to go back to work Tuesday. I've already missed 2 weeks telling them i have a bad back sprain.

                      I want to know how long this worst of it will last. days?



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                        I know -- it sucks, and then some. It's actually not uncommon with sub WD for symptoms to lessen and then resurface. There are many threads here with people who were/are your situation after having to endure sub WD or once tapering off after long-term use. Lots of them also had the same experience with certain symptoms returning.

                        I wish I could give you an accurate answer as to when you'll be back to normal. It all depends on the person, length of sub use, amount of sub use, and what amount you were at when you quit. I know you're desperate for a better answer. I'm sorry.

                        It's unlikely that taking melatonin for sleep had anything to do with certain symptoms returning. Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone in our body which helps to regulate sleep and wake cycles.

                        Hang in there. Perhaps going back to work might just be a positive thing. You'll be busy during the day..with less time to worry about how you're feeling. This will not last forever. You're very strong to have come this far. Just be patient a little bit longer.



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                          Hi there, sorry to hear your suffering so badly. What are u taking for anxiety n muscle relaxer?? Is it a narcotic n benzo?? If so u may be giving urself the withdrawel symptoms over n over! Be careful what ur taking. I was addicted for 2yrs to roxi, morphine, soma, xanex. Then went on subs for 2yrs n tapered off. Ive been completely off subs for 62 days now. I feel amazing but I know exactly what ur feeling and how scary n frustrating it can be. You feel it will never end. Ur doc was so dumb to have u drop from 2mg. Thats just crazy. But uve done it and it will get better I promise. Just be careful what ur taking ok! Best of luck. I will keep checking on you. Ttfn jaimie


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                            Thanks, I do feel like I'm in hell. I have already missed 2 weeks at work and now it's Monday 3rd week. I feel like every 4 days or so it go worse. i really was't feeling too bad last Wednesday afternoon but it went down hill from there Saturday night was the worst, took tranquilizer and ZQuil to sleep then woke up 2 hours later wired. Had horrible diarrhea and shakes. every morning I wake up feeling hot to touch but no fever. Just weak and shaky.I thought maybe that eery 4 days another layer leaves and the withdrawals start over again even worse. I have heard since this has a long half life maybe it leaches out a little at a time. Another symptom I have it that I'm really hot and can't get rid of this feeling like My insides and skin is on fire. Anyone else have the symptoms? I don't' have a fever.

                            Blessing and need your prayers.
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                              I had the exact same symptoms as you do. The chills then skin crawling, then like im cooking from the inside. Also with severe flu like symptoms. The first time I quit off a high dose it lasted 28days. This last time I jumped at .5mg abd it was mild withdrawels n lasted 6days. Hang in there ur not alone in this. Ttfn jaimie