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24mg of IV suboxone use and 7months pregnant

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  • 24mg of IV suboxone use and 7months pregnant

    Hi so I just found this forum and I've been reading a lot of posts regarding suboxone, I'm hear to get advice and help.. I have a bit of a different situation, just like everyone else I started on pills it progressed to h and eventually got on subs.. I have been on subs for the last two years now and shortly after I got prescribed the film strips I progressed to IVing the suboxone. People say it doesn't work and it throws u into withdrawal but that's not the case and unfortunately I've been addicted to IV subs now for close to two years. In january I became pregnant so I am now 28 weeks pregnant. I am prescribed 3-8mg filmstrips daily and I have been taking subs threw out my entire pregnancy. I told my doctor and he said it was safer for both the baby and I to stay on my normal does because tapering off could and would most likely cause miscarriage and harm for the both of us. He said based on his studies and experience he's had about 10 women give birth while being on the subs and there were no negative side effects besides a little withdrawal on some..and One lady miscarried because she quit taking subs cold turkey without consulting him. I didnt tell him i was shooting them for fear of him not giving me suboxone. I have never met anyone whose given birth to a baby while being on subs, neither orally or IV and i would really like to know howd both mom and the baby do after birth. Did baby have any defects disabilites or trouble hitting their milstones? I am trying to follow my doctors orders but I constantly wonder what this could be doing to my baby.. My biggest problem is now that ive been using IV for so long i cant just switch back to taking it orally because I immediately withdrawal, and withdrawal causes miscarrige. So far my OB says baby looks healthy and has no defects etc but if anybody has gone threw this or knows of somebody (IV or Orally), I would love to hear your experiences!! Eventually I want to get off the suboxone entirely since I've been on for so long but every other time I've tapered off, I went threw bad withdrawal and for that I'm extremely terrified! I plan on going threw a detox but even still the though freaks me out. Withdrawal is the worst experience ever! I'd really like to know what's best in my situation. Even though its terrible so far my baby is healthy with me consistently on the suboxen and if I quit or taper down that could cause a miscarriage so I really don't know what's better to do in this case... Any advice would be great. I highly don't recommend shooting subs, "the high isn't worth the fall as they would say!."

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    Hey Savanna (thats my daughters name with an H). If you experience withdrawals trying to do regular sublingual dosing on a scale of 1-10 how bad? If you do the same dose sublingually?


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      See sublingual is about the closest you get to IV. Both are absorbed straight into veins. Either under the tongue or wherever you inject....its not far off so I would expect some minor withdrawal for about 3-4 days until you adjust. IF you take the exact same dosage just under the tongue. It would probably be about the same as if you tapered down your dose a bit, you experience some minor uncomfortableness since the dose hits you faster IV but it shouldn't be that drastic of a drop because it still gets into your system pretty close to the same way just IV hits the brain faster. So could you explain your experience more detailed when you try it sublingually? What are your symptoms? Ive been through both full blown withdrawal on suboxone and tapered so I could tell you if its just some uncomfortableness close to tapering or if your in full withdrawal. Depending on the symptoms you might just be a little uncomfortable for a few days then stabilize and be fine.


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        Also you may have to stay on the same dose through the pregnancy. Which plenty say is safe, if taken as prescribed. Then once the baby is born we could help you with a taper plan. Tapering has to be done right, its tricky but doable with minimal discomfort. Hang in there! Try not to stress to much, stress is worse for the baby then the suboxone your stressing about. There have been healthy babies born on it. Congrats on the new baby