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HELP PLS... anyone on suboxone and pregnant like me?

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  • HELP PLS... anyone on suboxone and pregnant like me?

    hi guys im new to this site. i see alot of great feedback and i was just wondering if any of u are on suboxone and pregnant, or have given birth to a baby while on the subs? I am currently 29 weeks pregnant and ive been on 24 mg suboxone film strips for two years prior to my pregnancy and threwout this entire pregnancy so far. my doc says its safer for both baby and myself to stay on the subs because withdrawal could cause a miscarriage. I constantly fear what effects this will have on my child when she is born though, my OBGYN says baby looks healthy has no deformities and seems to be normal so far, but if anyone has gone threw this i would love to know your expirience and how both u and baby did after birth. I was told suboxone is much less harmful the methodone but the chances of low birth weight and possible withdrawal are still possible. Has anyone gone threw this? I havent met anybody in person and my doctors dont seem to know much of what will happen either....ive seen a few posts with other women discussing the same issue so i would love to know how it went for u! thanks alot.

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    Hi Savanna,

    Welcome to the forum. The weekends tend to be a bit slow around here.

    When I found out I was pregnant in 2011, I was surprised because my hubby and I weren't exactly "trying" to have a baby. I was scared to death for my baby because I'd been hooked on painkillers AND sub for years and didn't know what to do at that point. My OB and sub doctor both agreed that I should stay on a low dose of sub rather than go through WD. I was adamant about not wanting to give birth while on sub. Since I'd been eating pain pills before I discovered I was pregnant, I started back on sub - 2 mg. Under the care of my OB and perinatal unit at the hospital, I weaned off. Around the time my first trimester ended, I was off sub. I was considered high-risk because of my age (36), so I had lots of extra ultrasounds (which were all normal).

    It's great that you're under your doctor's care. Some women go through their entire pregnancy without letting their OB know what's going on. That's just crazy. I am a little surprised that you were told to stay at 24 mg. However, if your ultrasounds show that your baby is healthy and there are no defects, that's wonderful!


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      Oops! I hadn't finished writing to you but my 2 year old got a hold of my phone! Lol.
      Anyway, what I was trying to say at the end is that at this point, all you can really do is trust your doctor and make sure they have an after-birth plan for your baby. Have you discussed what will happen once the baby is born?

      I know you must be very scared. A friend of mine gave birth while on 4 mg sub. Her daughter was perfectly healthy but had to stay in the hospital for about a week because of some WD symptoms.

      We're here for ya.
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        I carried my now almost 3 year old while on 32mg of sub. I didn't know at the time that it was way too much, but thankfully my daughter is healthy, happy, intelligent and beautiful. She was born at 40 weeks, one day after her due date and weighed 7lbs. I breastfed her at first so she wouldn't go into withdrawal, and after 5 days in the hospital she was discharged and didn't require morphine. However, no one told me that subs will impair your ability to produce milk, so once we got home, we had a few issues. She developed a tremor and wasn't satisfied after nursing for hours so we took her to the pediatrician, who prescribed her a tiny dose of morphine which we admisitered at home and weaned her off within 2 weeks. We also began supplementing with formula, and eventually my milk supply completely dried up so we had to formula feed from then on.

        That said, everyone's experience is different. I would almost promise that if you shaved off 8mg of your daily dose, or even 12, you wouldn't even notice it and it could only help you baby. The less sub that is in his/her system, the better it will be once s/he's born.

        You still have time to try to come down off such a high dose. It will not put you into withdrawal, because 24 mg is completely excessive. 99% of your opiate receptors are filled on a 12 mg daily dose (this info is from a former sub dr of mine). There's no way you physically need that high a dose, so I hope you will do you and your baby a favor and try to get down to as low a dose as your are comfortable. You will be glad you did once your baby is born.

        Best of luck to you!
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          Ok I just read the part about how you're shooting your subs. You said your dr wants you to stay at your current dose but I am pretty certain he thinks you're taking them properly under your tongue and not shooting them into your veins with what may or may not be clean needles and equipment. YOU NEED TO STOP THAT! Like ASAP, right now, yesterday, 8 months ago. You are setting your baby up for a horrible withdrawal, addiction to morphine (if s/he's even lucky enough to get it), and perhaps some hepatitis C or HIV or some other kind of infection. You need to take care of your baby right now, and you can't do that if you're not even taking care of you.

          Honestly, the most loving suggestion I could make is for you to tell your doctor exactly what you're up to, and try to find an in-patient treatment facility until your baby is born. Having a child isn't a magical cure to addiction, or anything else for that matter. The only thing it will do is make everything more difficult. Think you're stressed now? Try dealing with that on top of a having a tiny, screaming, hungry, newborn who will probably be at least in minor withdrawal, while not having slept more than an hour straight in a month. Trust me, now is the time to break your addiction to the needle. While it's just you, while you have time. Because it's gonna be really hard to find a vein and nurse at the same time. And that type of addiction doesn't really mix with what it takes to care for a newborn, even one who doesn't have a serious addiction to opiates.

          I'm not trying to judge you, all I'm saying is that this is not something that you're going to be able to continue without consequences, so I implore you to quit now while you still have the chance.
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            Savannah, My wife was on a methadone program when we had our first baby. Me, I was addicted to Oxy's. Let me tell you what a wake-up call it is to watch a newborn kick an opiate. You talk about feeling like a piece of >>>>. That was our inspiration to get clean and sober. It broke my heart. You have to tell your Dr. We did. They actually used extremely small amounts of morphine to help my daughter ween off the methadone. I still cry and its 13 years later when i think about what she had to go through. You need to be honest with your Dr and yourself......I wish i could take it all back......


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              Hi Savanna, I am an OB/GYN nurse, I work in the office and I have several patients on both Subutex and/or Methadone. I am sorry I didn't see this sooner, please post if your still reading, I can probably answer questions you have. You have to stop shooting the subs, you need to talk to your doc about this. We have had many moms deliver healthy babies on both Subutex and Methadone, but shooting anything into your veins while pregnant (or not pregnant) is not good in any way. Not judging you at all, just want you and baby to be safe and healthy. Please let me know if you are still reading...
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                My son spent 3weeks getting weaned after my being on 16mgs thru pregnancy. breastfeeding will not help withdrawl at least accoeding to my docs and my experience tho it did comfort my son to nurse just becausw it co
                forts any baby. iys a crapshoot as to whether any baby will have withdrawls iy depends both on ur kid and how score happy the nurse on shift is. there is a great group on the website babycenter. u have to sign up and search groups for suboxone /subutex and ask to be in the group cuz its private but ul b approved in a day or so. the info there is great over a hundred moms pregnnant on subs and recently giben birth on y them . highly recomend it. good luck.
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