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Suboxone Withdrawal Day 12 - Is this normal?

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  • Suboxone Withdrawal Day 12 - Is this normal?

    I guess I'll start this off with a bit of background information, and then go into my actual question, which seems to be the norm with these posts. I've been reading about different experiences hoping for someone with similar experiences as me throughout my withdrawal process, with little luck. I'm on day (night now) 12 btw.

    All opiate addiction stories seem to be similar in many aspects. I started maybe 3-4 years ago at age 24. I had just broken up with my live-in gf at the time, and a "friend" came to my apartment one day with his new scripts of norko vicadin 10 mgs and told me to try it. Now, I had done almost every drug in the book before this point except for opiates. Since I tried all the other drugs possible (except >>>>>> obviously), and I never became addicted physically or mentally on any of them, I figured "what the hell?" What a mistake! It knocked me on my ass, I felt great, and I fell in love. I had so much energy and confidence on that little pill that I didn't want to stop. I had no idea about physical addiction. I soon found a dealer who seemed to have an unlimited supply of whatever the hell I wanted, and so I soon became addicted.

    After years of trying anything and everything in pill form (vicadin to percs to oxys to opanas to methadone) all on the street, I eventually decided enough is enough. I tried kicking from methadone over and over and over for about a 6 month period, rotating one week being sick, caving, and then restarting it. I don't recommend this lol. After 6 months of failing to get past two weeks each time, I made a DR's apt and got on suboxone.

    Anyway, the DR gave the standard 16 mg first script, which I knew was too much from my own experiences with subs. I would take just one, and figured I had extras when I needed them. After a while doing that, I decided to move and change my life completely. I moved from the Chicago area to the Seattle area. At this point, I was already down to 4mg which the DR had no idea about. I made him lower my dose to 8mg/day before that, but didn't mention I was taking just half that. After I moved, I had a couple week supply because of this. When that was about to run out, I called the DR and explained I was in Seattle. He wrote me a 1 week script. I then started taking 2mg/day thus extending it. When I was close to running out, I decided to call around to find a local DR, and soon learned that the prices out here are absolutely outrageous without insurance. $1500/month was standard through the 10 DRs I called, not to mention some required NA meetings 3 times a week, plus addiction therapy. I said ">>>> all that" and decided to quit. I was spending maybe HALF of that at the worst point of my addiction off street pills. Anyways, this is when I quit 12 days ago at 2mg.

    Now, don't get me wrong, the past 12 days have been hell on earth, but since I went 2 weeks multiple times on methadone withdrawal, I can legitimately say that it's not nearly as agonizing. The first 7 days were absolute hell with every symptom possible, although with so much experience withdrawing meant I knew what I was going to deal with for the most part. Day 8 seemed to be when I felt like I was getting slightly better. I stopped getting cold/hot flashes around then, and my veins didn't feel like they were on fire anymore. I stopped having all-day RLS by day 9, and it only happened when I tried sleeping at that point. By Night 10, the RLS was mostly gone.

    The last few days, I felt happy and had some energy back (aka able to walk around and stand without being exhausted) and I really thought I was out of the woods for the most part. I was truly excited about waking up feeling better each day from then on. Mornings were full of pain and depression, but after maybe 5 pm, I had a surge of energy and happiness out of nowhere, and the pain was gone for some reason. I began to hope for the first time at this point.

    Then I woke up this morning, and I felt like I was on day 3 again. Mainly, my back and stomach pain were so intense I was back in a fetal position wishing for death. If I was still in Chicago with my old friends/contacts, I'd have relapsed today. I could handle everything until it started finally getting better, but when that kicked in I wanted to throw my hands up and die. Then around 5 pm again, I had a surge of energy and happiness again. My back and stomach pain were miraculously gone, and I had another surge of energy again. This is why I am even able to focus and write this post at the moment.

    My main question is this: Is this normal? Why am I in such intense pain/agony when I wake up, with little to no energy, and yet the night before and night after, I feel normal and pain free? It doesn't make any sense to me. Is this normal?
    The mornings now always start with me waking up tossing and turning from extreme pain, no energy, and extreme depression and anxiety. This gradually seems to subside around 5 pm. I cannot understand why for the life of me.

    The only meds I have been taking are either Naproxen or Ibuprophen when I wake up, along with a multi-vitamin, a vitamin b complex, l-glutamine complex, amino acid complex, and when the Ibuprophen fails to work whatsoever, I sometimes take a couple tylenol as well, which also fails to do anything.

    Can it be that I feel better later in the day due to the vitamins kicking in? I also have no food in the house beyond fruit, which I have done on purpose so that I would be forced to walk to my car and drive to get something to eat. I have no appetite whatsoever, but it forces me to get out of the house, and I then force myself to eat. Could it be the food making me feel better later in the day? What is it? Why am I in such pain every morning, but for all intents and purposes OKAY at night time? Has anyone else gone through this weird cycle?

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    Hey Chris,

    What you're describing seems to be common with Sub withdrawal, especially when jumping off and not going through a taper process. There have been many others here who experienced the same type of thing: WD symptoms seem to lift both physically and mentally after a while, then flood back. It's the half-life of the drug. I know it must be very difficult to deal with but hang in there. It WILL get better.

    Drink as much water as possible to flush out your system. Exercise is key and will help your brain recover faster. It's good that you're taking supplements. Try adding L-Tyrosine w/ B6 for energy and Theanine Serene for mood/anxiety. Also, Hyland's Restful Leg for RLS.

    Keep us posted on your progress.


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      Thanks Kat. I actually woke up today feeling the best I have in the past two weeks. Better than I ever did even while still taking subs. Granted, I still have slight back pain, and my muscles still feel like I ran a marathon the day before, but I can deal with these minor symptoms no problem. I slept for a full 8 hours for the first time! While I was taking the subs everyday (or any opiate pill for that matter), the morning ritual was always waking up feeling horrible and rushing to take one and waiting to feel better. I wouldn't be able to get out of bed until the pill kicked in. It actually feels good to be able to break that horrible cycle.

      At this point, based on how I moved to get away from any/all bad influences in my life, I have no way to relapse, so sticking it out is the only possible thing I can do. I definitely wasn't happy I made that choice the first week or so of feeling like death, but I'm definitely glad I did it now.

      Day 13 off 2mg and I can say the worst symptoms I have right now are minor aches/pains, slight exhaustion, and my hands are still a little shaky. This more or less feels like a bad cold now rather than the worst case of the flu possible. The mental stuff isn't that big of a deal.

      I was in the military for 5 years before I ever took an opiate, so I more or less have looked at this whole process as if it was bootcamp. It sucks tremendously, and nobody enjoys themselves going through it, but it doesn't last forever and you're better for it when its over. I guess I'm starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel now.


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        Just wanted to give a quick update. It's been over a month now being completely clean. No real W/D's anymore. Mornings suck, but mornings suck for everyone. I have aches and pains, but they are more annoying than anything now. My appetite is back. I enjoy doing things again. My personality is coming back. Etc etc etc. Even my energy is coming back full swing. I do have cravings sometimes, but that's it. I'm not depressed. No anxiety. No terrible PAWS.

        Just letting people know. It literally has taken an entire month to really feel myself again, but that's the price you pay I guess.


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          I know I'm a few months from this post....I'm on day 14.The anxiety and depression is horrible How are you now? I feel like this is never going to end.


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            Originally posted by Crissyh613 View Post
            I know I'm a few months from this post....I'm on day 14.The anxiety and depression is horrible How are you now? I feel like this is never going to end.
            Hi Crissy, welcome!

            Congrats on 2 weeks! That's awesome. What mg did you jump from? Did you taper down before jumping?

            The best thing to do is start a new thread so we can all reply to you directly. You'll get lots of help and support. I'll keep an eye out for your new thread...

            I know it's really hard, but the depression and anxiety WILL go away soon. Sub has a long half-life so it takes awhile for our mind and body to recover. To jump start the process, drink a ton of water, exercise every day (even if you don't want to), and take some good supplements like a balanced B-100 Complex, multivitamin, fish oil, extra zinc, magnesium and potassium. I promise it will help.

            Try GABA or L-Theanine for anxiety. A nice hot bath and some Melatonin 5mg about 30 min before bed will help.