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On Sub 4 years, quit with little withdrawal -my story

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  • On Sub 4 years, quit with little withdrawal -my story

    This is my first day to register, but this has been my go to site all these years regarding suboxone. I've read so many scary things I thought it was important to tell my story. If I can give someone the encouragement they need, then it's worth it. I was on sub for almost 4 years, like many, was started on way too high dose of 24mg a day. I can tell you I quickly moved to 16mg because that was way too strong. I have a great doctor that trusted me and I regulated myself, slowly lowering. I tried to quit Jan 2013 with horrible WDs, but at that time I was on 1mg, and had just recently tapered to that. I didn't last 5 days and I was trying to use opiate cough med to ease the WD and back on the sub. I have been scared to death to try to quit ever since, but continued to taper to the absolute smallest I could get the strips, probably .25mg. I stayed at that dose for about 6 months. So when I decided to quit I prepared for hell, prepared as if I couldn't get out of bed for days, but it never came! I had trouble sleeping and a little RLS, but that's it. The depression is not easy, but just being free from this drug that has controlled everything for so long has helped me keep positive. The only thing I can say that was different was of course the lower dose, but also the time I stayed on the low dose. Today is day 8 and I feel totally fine.

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    That is great! I too jumped from .25 mg after around 6 years on suboxone. I tapered from 8 to .25 over almost a year and jumped 7 days ago. I have had some withdrawals and unpleasant feelings but I was also prepared for and expecting a lot worse so I'm confident the taper and low drop helped alot. I've also been taking vitamins and supplements, workin out and eating healthy. The physical symptoms have been lingering all week and the emotional phase has just really begun for me but I'm ready to do whatever it takes and I think each day gets better! Congrats to you for 8 days off


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      I have good news and bad news.

      good news is your off. congrats.

      bad news is that in my experience, no one has any problem getting to day 8.

      i should know. i jumped from 2 mg and made it to day 13.

      2 years ago, i jumped from .15 milligrams (spent a year tapering), and made it 25 days.....

      on day 25, i was still in full blown withdrawal. i was posting on and on day 10, i said "no withdrawal whatsoever yet".... i didnt get hit with the worst until 2 weeks in. for 25 days, i did not sleep 1 hour... not with trazedone, clonidine, xanax, immodium, nothing.....

      fortunately, it seems like i had worse problems sleeping than most do.

      one more piece of good news..... besides perhaps lost sleep catching up to you.... how you feel now is roughly how you should feel the whole time, except day 10 to day 17 was slightly worse. im only telling this to prepare you know whats happening if you feel any worse. but if i had to guess, i would say you will feel like you do now for about 2-3 more weeks and then start getting better little by little.

      good luck. and take it from me. please please please. do not go back. >> kill to be where you are. you are in such a good place.