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  • suboxone withdrawal advice

    Ok, so this is the second time I've used suboxone to get off of a oxy habit that I've been dealing with for the past couple of years. I've been using oxy forabout 4 years now I guess , for a long time it was only 60mg a day habit until the past year, year and a half that it grew to 30mg/three to five times a day. The last time I did a suboxone treatment cycle, was last year in August and I was on it up until two weeks before Christmas. So about 3.5-4 months and I had tapered myself down to , from what I remember , about 1-2 mg a day. When I jumped off it took about a week of me feeling >>>>>> to start to really feel horrible which lasted a good two weeks and towards the end the worst part of me feeling terrible was the insomnia , I literally didn't sleep for three weeks, not an hour of sleep per night, horrible. Eventually got better and after a couple months ran into old friends and you know the story.

    So now my habit turned into at bare minimum three times a day 30mg, but.norm 4-7 times a day. I knew I had.pretty much hit rock bottom so two months ago I went back for suboxone treatment. Tapered myself down to .5mg twice a day within the first two weeks and then a month into it got down to .25mg twice a day , and continued that for a month. So I was on it for two months , maybe a week or so shy or 2 months. I jumped off and felt pretty poorly, mainly from the no energy. Only had some Clonidine to help with withdrawal symptoms. I think most of low energy.was due to that. And when it wore off >> have more energt and feel much less antsy .

    So I stopped this past Saturday and it's now Wednesday morning. I felt alright yesterday but I've had no luck sleeping the past two-three days, so when I found a 15mg oxy I forgot about I took it last night to help sleep because of my past experience with insomnia and dreading it. I have no more and don't feel the urge to go get more today.

    What im wondering is, is that since I was on the suboxone for much shorter of a time and on a much lower dosage , especially when I jumped off, should I expect to feel withdrawal symptoms ahead? Or just the insomnia to look forward to?

    P.s. That 15mg I found and took, made me feel pretty good but didn't help me sleep at all, so weird, BC normally I would pass out as soon as my head hit the Pillow if I took it.

    Any advice from people who have personally gone through suboxone withdrawals advice would be much appreciated, especially if you've had similar experience with my most recent sub detox

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    Hey there, welcome. You probably would've felt better if you had tapered even lower - down to .25mg or less. But now that you've jumped, just push through. I jumped off Sub in August after 8 long years. I tapered down to .15mg then did skip days before the final jump. Since I'd been on Sub for so long, I had mild physical symptoms for a few weeks, including sleep issues and major lack of energy. As you know, those are both really common.

    I used energy supplements for extra energy: L-Tyrosine w/B6, MioEnergy, etc. I found that taking a balanced B-100 Complex timed-release helped a lot. Lots of water and exercise is a must. For sleep, I used Melatonin 5mg and Valerian. It usually worked pretty well.

    Ya gotta stay away from the pills. Make this your last time. You don't really wanna go through this again, right? Are you involved with any type of addiction counseling or NA/AA? We're here to help in any way we can. Keep posting!

    All the best...
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      Thank you for the reply! Exercising is something im really looking forward to, I've always been into working out and being active but when you're addicted to pain meds that kinda goes out the.window. I've got some b5, b6 and vitamin c , so I'll start taking those. I tried taking.melatonin before when I was having insomnia issues and didn't seen to help but I'll try it again , is the Valerian otc?

      I've been to an NA meeting before and I like the idea of support group and talking about it but I don't believe in the 12 step part, I believe it's about choices, if you've read A Million Little Pieces, you'll know what I mean. Granted once your body is physically addicted you have to fuel that but once you're off it , it's like cheating on your spouse, as bad as you may want it , you know that if you cave in it'll ruin everything. So I've got to figure out that part and see what form of support group works for me.

      So do you think other than the lack and sleeplessness , the other physical symptoms are behind me? Because last time although it took me a week to truly kick in, I never started to feel better like I have. I just have to leave town with my family for our traditional dads side of the ''family-reunion/Thanksgiving''.

      I just want to make sure I'll be good for that and that there isn't anything else I can do to ensure so.