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Subutex Reduction. 12mg - 8mg Went Well. Now Reduce from 8mg - 4mg?

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  • Subutex Reduction. 12mg - 8mg Went Well. Now Reduce from 8mg - 4mg?

    Hey there. I successfully went from 12mg subutex to 8mg subutex with no really problems at all. I have been on 8 mg subutex for 4 days.
    My question is do you guys recommend dropping to 4mg today and continue that for a few days? Or should I stay on 8mg or drop to 6mg?

    Thank you.

    Edit: I have been advised to start taking 4 mg subutex. I have also been off methadone for 11 days today. That was why I was put on subutex, to get off methadone.

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    Yea I've got same question they say 25% that would be 4.5 but I'm thinking going to 4 maybe Randy 35 or lovetosmile will help those guys and gals are good and have the expierence to help us God Bless and I wish u the best


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      Only got a minute, but YES, both of you reduce by 25% each and every time. That has been proven to give positive results.

      mmmmmmm - PLEASE stick to only one (1) thread from now on. It gets soooo confusing going back and forth to muliple threads. You will get LESS responses if you have too many threads. Stay either here or on one of the others you created and that will be so much better!

      Have a great weekend everyone!



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        Hey guys. Everybody who is new to Sub or starting a taper wants to rush, rush, rush! We've seen it a hundred times. Bottom line: the taper plan works, that's a fact. Stick to reductions of only 25% at a time and ONLY reduce your dose when stable (little to no WD symptoms). If you reduce too fast or too much, it will cause problems all the way down.

        Have a good day. Hang in there.


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          Hi there mm
          Definitely listen to Kat and Randy because they are the sucess stories..
          I did not know any better and I was ok cutting in half from 24mg before I got here and did ok.
          But overall it felt sooo much better to find a successful plan that has proven to work.
          Patience is not my strongest characteristic ..
          I did want to rush it but doing everything my way has gotten me right here !
          Time for me to listen too.
          Sorry about the mislead but now you will have better help here!
          Take are


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            Morning all. Well I have been on 4 mg subutex for 3 days now. No problems whatsover.

            I am happy luv2 advised me because it has saved a lot of time and I have been taking enough subutex to keep me well. I started on 8 mg, then was on 12 mg for about 4 days, then started reducing myself as already said.

            I am not advising anyone else to jump from 12 - 8 - 4 mg so fast, but it was good for me. Probably because I have only been on Subutex for around 2 weeks?

            Thank you all I will post in this thread when I have reduced further. I am thinking about dropping to 2 mg tommorow. If I am ill doing that I will follow the reduction system so successfully used on here.


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              I am glad you are doing so good..
              That is how I did it before I got here ..
              I cut everything in half and then came here at 6mg..
              It is a strange drug..
              You too will feel better the lower you get..
              Hard to believe but true!!
              Take care
              Thanks for the update


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                fyi, I was on 8mg/3times a day for 5 yrs. I recently tapered off and have 13 days off suboxone. The longer/slower u can taper the least wd. I did not have the luxrey to taper properly so days 6-10 was hell (afterlife of drug). A person might think they have it whipped after 4 days but the hell is yet to come. Still not through wd but can atleast function now (exercise, meetings). Good luck!! When i started drug in 2009 it was fairly new as drugs go!! Wish I had done more research I would have never went on maintencance plan.


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                  Thanks hans and luv2. Hans, that is so true, I too was led to believe subutex was a walk in the park and sooo much better than methadone... Well if 2 mg subutex can replace 30 ml of methadone a day for years, then I'm of the opinion that subutex is the MUCH stronger drug. And without any of the feel good effects, unlike methadone...

                  Anyway I went down to 2mg subutex today and started feeling ill around 2- 3 pm, so took 1 mg more. I feel ok now. I will try to stay on 3 mg for 4 or 5 days now.

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                    Correction - I have now taken the remaining 1 mg subutex because I feel like I am coming down with something...I feel nauseous, dizzy and headache... I'm not even sure now how I feel has anything to do with the subutex.

                    Anyway, for Randy and everyone else, I am on 4 mg subutex now, and I will be posting in this thread only. So please reply in this thread if you want to talk.

                    Thanks again peeps


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                      You are doing good..
                      You are like the 3rd or 4 th person who felt like they coming down with something else..while tapering..
                      Did you ever get a cold why you were on methadone?
                      I never did strange..
                      Yep buprenorphine is a strong drug...
                      Well you just keep doing what you are doing !
                      Sounds great..
                      I laughed when you said that with sup there are no feel good benefits..
                      That is so true methadone definetly has an euphoric side to it..
                      I used to deny that all the time but it seemed like the more methodone I took the more numb I got.
                      Take care
                      I will check back later,