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Suboxone Maintenace Nightmare

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  • Suboxone Maintenace Nightmare

    Hi community, I am on day 16 of quitting suboxone (home detox), but far from normal. The severe wd symptoms day 6-11 for me. I ask myself wtf was I thinking when treatment facility in 2009 told me I could get on this opiate blocker maintenance drug because of my history with opiates. Im yur garden variety alcoholic/addict. Anyway, without doing any research my addict was like hell yes count me in. I took subs for over 5 yrs 8mg, 3 times a day (about the max a sub dr can presrcibe without jumping through huge hoops with insurance company). Thankfully, i have not picked back up alcohol since 2009, but was I really sober??? since, i have learned so much more about suboxone throughout my own research. I have chosen to start a new sobriety date as of 16 days ago even though I have not drank or drug since winter of 2009. I will admit on the very short term this drug seems wonderful for detoxing, but maintenace?? Of course, the maker of the drug could not of made billions (in a short few years) without a maintenace program. At about year 3 subs were turning on me, but I did not realize it nor was i ready to quit. I had very low energy level so dr drew blood and my tetestrone was well below the level to presricbe andro-gel (which he did). lol. side effects of suboxone (see-endocrine system). I was in my early 40's and never had issue with tetestrone low levels in my life nor in my family medical history. Bottom line, if on this drug i would say research and run. I dont recommend methadone but atleast they know so much more about methadone. Good luck to all peeps trying to kick the sub maintenace program. Taper is important, lol Im a bit hard headed so i tapered but with only 8mg subs cutting in quarters/halfs. The one minor wd symptom I still experince is sneezing fits/low energy/sleep. In past, I rarely ever sneezed.

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    Hey there. Congrats on 16 days off Sub! You must have gone through some nasty WD after being on such a high dose for 5 years and not really doing a taper. Too bad you didn't find us sooner - the taper plan here works wonders! But I'm glad you're off of it.

    Don't even get me started on "Sub maintenance". For doctors and the manufacturer, that's code for "show me the money!". I got stuck on sub for almost 8 years. Finally finished my taper in August; almost 4 months clean now. Like you, I didn't do any research before I was prescribed Sub in 2006. My doctor made it sound like a miracle drug that would "cure" my drug addiction and have no long-term side effects. Yeah, ok sure. What a joke. Getting off Sub has been one of the hardest things I've ever done.

    Low testosterone levels is actually very common in men who have taken Sub long-term. My friend Randy (a member here) also discovered he had extremely low levels and started getting injections. Levels are back to normal now and he's 5 months clean.

    Really glad to hear you've been sober from alcohol since 2009. That's awesome. Yeah, being on Sub isn't exactly being "clean" since it's still a drug (partial opioid agonist). But now you're off and clean! So happy for ya. I hope you post updates and let us know how you're doing.



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      I plan to start my clean date again when I finish my taper..
      It is a drug ...
      I was on methadone for 10+ years so to me this is better.
      But I am 6 months on sub and I can already see it turning on me..
      I tried to explain this to my friend who is a nurse too who has been on it 3 years
      She feels like she was duped by the medical community..
      We all were..
      But It does nothing to stay a victim of that..
      It is so empowering to take matters into your own hands like you did..
      I am gonna share your thread with her..
      Thank you
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        Isn't sub supposed to be a short-term bridge to complete opiate abstinence? Why do so many stay on it for years and years? That seems to defeat the purpose.


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          Originally posted by honeykitz View Post
          Isn't sub supposed to be a short-term bridge to complete opiate abstinence? Why do so many stay on it for years and years? That seems to defeat the purpose.

          It's intended (in my opinion) to be "medium-term" therapy plan I think. Not an on and off kinda drug, or do you want to remain on it for years if it can be helped. Many doctors are at fault for keeping unsuspecting patients on this drug for years. They tell their patients they need to remain on subs for years, up to and including the rest of their lives. And they usually want the person on the highest dose possible, all intended to make those in the medical field tons of money.

          The way this drug should be used, again in MY opinion, is to be on it long enough to get past your addictive ways, and addictive thinking. When you begin a taper from subs you should be fully READY to get off and have no doubts about relapsing. Your addiction should be under control. Of course a relapse is still possible, as it is anytime in an addicts life.

          So not off so fast you might still use again or relapse, but not so long you risk abuse and possible addiction to the subs. It's a fine line between how long is too long. The sub therapy plan we use and suggest here takes around 6-8 weeks from beginning to the final jump. In my opinion that's probably the right amount of time for MOST people. Of course it varies on the person involved, their addiction level, time on drugs, etc.

          Those that remain on for years are probably afraid of relapsing, or their doctor tries to keep them on it. Some get "stuck" and not sure what to do. I was on subs about 9 months myself. That's what it took for me to have my addiction under control. And so far it's working now that I'm off going on 6 months. Hope this helps.



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            I stopped oxy a week ago today, did sub for 4 days and I am on day three of nothing. I used it just to get me past the withdrawls of five years of oxy. So far so good, I also was terrified after reading all of the horror stories of patients getting hooked on subs. It seemed like I was swapping one drug for another. That is my reason for just using for the oxy withdrawal. I'm still young in it but it worked wonders for me as a quick way to get off oxy without getting deathly ill.
            I wish you all the luck in the world, congrats on your success so far! Keep it up, you can do it!