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Suboxone strip storage.

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  • Suboxone strip storage.

    Hey guys, I need a quick response if possible.

    Today I'm going to my doctor to get a new script. I'm going To switch to the strip today so I can have an easier time tapering. The problem is I'm prescribed way more than I take. I currently take 2mg a day and are prescribed 16mg. My doctor makes us bring the empty wrappers every time we see him. For me currently this is no issue because I just leave the left over tablets in my truck before I walk in.

    I'm going to have to take the strips out of the packets and leave them somewhere when I go to the doctor. How would you guys recommend storing them once opened?

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    Hey! I had to do that too... I was prescribed 2 - 3 of the 2mg strips a day though and taking about 3mg toward the end of my doctor visits. I had a bunch of left over wrappers though. The first couple of times he asked me to bring in my wrappers I just told him I forgot because I was already in the habit of throwing them away.... I also felt like I was right back in active addiction because I was saving all of my "empties." I hated that! Anyways, I would try to save some wrappers if possible but if it's not, I guess you could get some Heavy Duty foil from the store and make your own wrappers.... It's just a suggestion. Good luck!


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      Bonewill - You could use an old pill bottle. Or the foil like Rennie suggested would also work. Perhaps a baggie would do the trick. Anything to keep them dry really is the key. You'll find something.

      Can't believe you have to bring in the old wrappers. Tell him it's addictive behavior to you and has you thinking of using and see if he will stop the hassle. You should have LOTS of extra subs saved up! Wow. Maybe once you decide to get off you can stop seeing this doctor because you'll have plenty of subs to taper with! Just a thought. Take care.



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        That's my thoughts exactly! I already have enough tablets to last me the rest of the year. I plan in going to the doctor one last time after today, then stop. I'll have more than enough strips to taper off.

        Thanks for the help guys, I just needed the basics of strip storage.

        Since the medicine is so thin, my thinking is that if oily hands come
        Into contact with the medicine some would be absorbed. Do you guys use tweezers to so all of your strip handling?


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          Just leave em in the original aluminum packaging, and fold em over.........No biggie....been doing it for years!