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Use of Hydrocodone on dogs

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    Oxycodone does not have tylenol or aspirin in it. It can be a tiny white pill. I have liver issues so I can't take tylenol. My doc gives me 5 mg tablets.
    I have a question if anyone is positive of their answer please- I have a Rat Terrier hes a bit over weight so he probably weighs 25 lbs. Can I give him oxycodone one time for pain? If so what dosage?


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      Originally posted by Titty Puff View Post
      NO! You CANNOT use Hydrocodone on Dogs OR ANY medications with Tylenol! IT WILL KILL!

      You can use Tramadol/Ultram, or Oxycodone. Oxycodone must be a relatively low dose, maybe up to 5mg but that's pushing it, with weight, body type, and gender put into consideration with careful monitoring.
      My vet prescribed Norco 10 500 for my snauzer both after surgery and an injury. It's safe if used rarely not a frequent use. As with all types of meds precaution is the key.